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The story behind The Earth Confession

Back in the 90's the mastermind of The Earth Confession Sigitas Vėlyvis was the singer of the Lithuanian prog/heavy metal band Spellbound for several years. Spellbound released two tape albums "Longing For The Origin" (1995) and "Breath" (1997). After the accident death of his brother Rokas back in 1997 who played guitar in the same band, Spellbound managed to play several gigs with the different line-up, but finally broke-up due to the different musical tastes. After the split-up Sigitas joined another Lithuanian band Ruination, did several gigs with them and recorded 3-track CD "Drive To Live". For some time he also was a singer for other two Lithuanian bands Kielwater and Distant Lights.

In 2004 Sigitas decided to form his own project called Goetheanum. The name was chosen under the influence of Rudolph Steiner anthroposophy concept. New material was presented at some local gigs and festivals like Kunigunda Lunaria and Ferrum Frost. Due to the unstable line-up the recording of the first album was delayed several times until Sigitas Vėlyvis decided to go an extreme way and program the musical side of the whole album by himself. Just before the release the project got the new name: The Earth Confession. "The old name was great, but it was too much related with Rudolph Steiner writings while the whole concept of the music has grown to the wider dimensions", says Sigitas.

Goetheanum band

After 6 years of experimenting with different sounds and virtual instruments the debut album “Unearthly Refrains” was released on the 4th of March 2011. Sigitas recorded, arranged, programmed and mixed everything by himself. The drums parts were done by Soul Stealer drummer Šarūnas Venckus and some guitar takes by good old friend Majonezas. The result are nine tracks which move somewhere between progressive, psychedelic and electronic rock with some heavier moments.

After the album release Sigitas tried to form the new TEC line-up for live gigs and new recordings, but due to the lack of interested from other musicians he gave up and put the whole project aside. In 2013 he started to write the new material and to program the songs with virtual instruments in the digital environment. It took years to get them to the actual shape and to the point how they should sound like according to the vision of Sigitas. Two songs were released on Youtube in 2021: "Freedom" and "Evil In Us All". This year TEC will continue to put out new material on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music und many others, so check them out from time to time.

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